Hammer Strength

Body Building Strength Machine

Founder: Gary Jones

Year of Conception: 1989

Origin: Ohio

Died: N/A

Notes: Hammer strength is the brainchild of the son of Arthur Jones, creator of Nautilus, Gary Jones. Gary ventured out shortly after Arthur sold Nautilus to a Texas oilman to make a name for himself in the industry.

Armed with the help of professional sports teams, he shook things up and created Hammer Strength. Gary ventured away from the complexity of Nautilus machines and sought to create a brand that simplified the biomechanics of matching human and machine movement. Simplicity was achieved by plate loading the end of a lever. Gary was early to adopt Computer-Aided Design while developing his machines.

In 1997 Hammer Strength was sold to a division of Brunswick Corp called Life Fitness. The brand continues to thrive today and has managed to maintain its simplicity throughout the years. Hammer Strength machines continue to be a staple in commercial gyms worldwide today.


Alias: Life Fitness

Similar Products: Nautilus, French Fitness, Bolt Fitness, Arsenal

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