Founder: Augie Nieto and Ray Wilson

Year of Conception: 1977

Origin: Illinois

Died: N/A


Notes: Life fitness began as an exercise bike developed by Keene Dimick in 1968. Augie Nieto sought to bring this invention to the world after realizing the potential to attract a different audience. LifeCycle was officially created in 1977 by Augie and Ray Wilson, who owned the rights to the exercise bike. Augie bought an RV nicknamed "Sluggo" and used it to show their product around the country.

Once Augie convinced health clubs to share his vision for what the LifeCycle could bring, the product became a hit. In 1984 LifeCycle was acquired by Bally's, a name you may recognize from a sports and casino network. As the company upgraded its portfolio of products, the name changed to LifeFitness in the 90s as it came under the control of the Brunswick Corporation. During this time, Life fitness moved into the production of weightlifting equipment.

LifeFitness secured its position as a leader in the industry with the acquisition of Hammer Strength and ParaBody. The company's expansion continued and eventually led to the addition of Cybex in 2016, and it has become a world leader in the industry. LifeFitness continues to carry the Hammer Strength and Cybex products and provide them to the fitness industry worldwide.


Alias: LifeCycle, ParaBody, Hammer Strength, Cybex, SciFit

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