Nebula Fitness Equipment

Founder: Tom Eilerman

Year of Conception: 1992

Origin: Columbus, Ohio

Died: 2012

Nebula Equipment

Notes: Quickly becoming one of the most coveted names for classic equipment enthusiasts. Nebula has appeared in classic footage of Ronnie Coleman and other world-famous bodybuilders. For example, the video of Coleman leg pressing 2300lbs featured the Nebula 35-degree leg press.

Tom Eilerman started building equipment in his parents’ two-car garage in 1987. From there, he started his gym filled with custom equipment and worked from an attached weld shop called Pro Row Weld Inc.

The Nebula name officially came about in 1992. Nebula became a staple for many gyms and sports training facilities during the 90s. Nebula was synonymous with a brand that stood out as being more highly engineered than competitors.

Rae Crowther controlled the brand in the 2000s. Rae Crowther sold the brand to Rogue fitness equipment in 2012. Rogue continued to use some of their designs, primarily their leg press and a few other pieces, to diversify its product line. The Nebula name seemed to die during its time with Rogue. Eilerman continues to work on various projects with other manufacturers. Arsenal Strength has many similar designs in their line to Nebula models.

Alias: Rogue, Rae Crowther, Arsenal, Defiant Strength, TKO


Known Associates: Arsenal, TKO, Rogue

Ronnie Coleman

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